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IV Fluids Pharma Franchise Company – As the medical system of our country is growing at a fast speed, it has made the Pharma Franchise Companies flourish as well. They are getting a huge market demand as more and more people who have an interest in dealing with them. Lxir is the leading IV Fluids Pharma Franchise Company that deals with the best products in all other ranges as well.

Pharma Franchise for IV Fluids

If you are looking for an IV Fluids Pharma Franchise Company and want an opportunity for monopoly franchise rights in marketing for the same in the IV Fluids Pharma franchise, our company is the best to deal with. Lxir is working for this market for many years on the principles of Truth, respect, collaboration, excellence, leadership, and innovation. To get in touch with us call us on our number 9875913313 or just drop us an email at sales@lxir.in.

IV Fluids and its use

Intravenous fluids (IV Fluids) are fluids that are basically made for patients who need direct fluids in their Venous circulation. It is important for these fluids to be hygienic so as to protect patients from injuries and many other problems as well. There are a number of situations where these IV Fluids can be used, some of the examples can be –

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Extreme blood loss

There are many other diseases as well in which patients are given these fluids to balance the electrolytes present in their bodies.

There are two broad groups of IV Fluids –

  1. Crystalloids – such as saline solutions contain a solution of molecules that dissolves in water. When crystalloids are administered, they tend to create low osmotic pressure, allowing fluid to move across the blood vessels, and this can be linked with edema.
  2. Colloids – This contains particles which are not soluble in water, and they create high osmotic pressure, attracting fluid into the blood vessels.

The market for IV Fluids

The IV Fluids are made under very regulations by the government just to ensure that all the patients receive the correct care. The government is making sure that there is a constant availability for these solutions in all the hospitals in India and even at homes. The demand for these fluids is linked with the number of beds in the hospital. According to some general observations, the consumption of a total of 18 bottles is done in a month per bed. The demand for its market will increase at a rate of 9 to 12% per annum. Till 2016, the demand level for them was around 2200 Lakh bottles per annum. Demand is high Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, and West Bengal. North India alone accounts for one-third of the total demand in the country.

So, if anyone is thinking to get into the business for the same and looking for an IV Fluids Pharma Franchise Company in India. Join your hands with Lxir.

The vision of Lxir as IV Fluids Pharma Franchise Company

  • Lxir has a vision of being the best Pharmaceutical Company. We provide all ranges of high quality and capture the market share all over India till 2020.
  • We see ourselves as the leading Pharma company for IV Fluids and other ranges as well. And use all innovating technologies and maintaining high ethical standards in business operation ensuring benefits to society at large.
  • Our motive is to provide a Healthier and a Happier life to all.

The best IV Fluids Pharma Franchise Company – Lxir

LXIR guarantees you the quality of the IV Fluids which are we deliver. This is because we continuously practice on the quality assurance for our all products to earn the maximum satisfaction of our customers anyhow. Even we have the GMP and ISO certification for our company. All the products we deliver are widely accepted by doctors all over India. Apart from IV Fluids, our company deals with the ranges for Capsules, Dry Syrups, Injectables, IV Fluids, Liquid Syrups, Protein powder, Sachets Tablets, Ayurvedic Products, Nasal Spray, etc. The manufacturing of every product in our unit follows the ethical code under the supervision of a highly qualified team.

Come and connect with us for having the IV Fluids Pharma Franchise in India and deal in the best range of the same.

Contact Details –

Name: LXIR Medilabs

Email: sales@lxir.in

Phone No: +91 9875913313, +91 9988889031


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