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Capsules Pharma Franchise Company – Still looking for Pharma Franchise Company for capsules and want a massive range for that? If yes then we have the solution for this. Connect yourself with Lxir, the top leading Capsules Pharma Franchise Company. We not only deal in the manufacturing of capsules but we also manufacture a wide range of other pharma products such as Dr syrups, Injectables, IV Fluids, Liquid Syrups, antibiotics, anti-fungal and many more.

Lxir gives an opportunity for monopoly franchise rights in the market of the Pharma industry. Capsules are widely used for medication globally along with the tablets. Our company offers a wide range of capsules in the pharma market which is made up of superior quality ingredients and drugs. So, we suggest everyone who is interested to deal with the Capsules Pharma Franchise Company to connect with us. Call us on 987591337 or just drop us an email for any query at
Demand for Capsules in the Indian Market
The Indian capsules market will grow at an exponential CAGR in the Coming years. The changing demographics have led to the demand for medicines to increase in treating various kinds of diseases. Capsules, being the most versatile forms of drug doses, are thus expected to have large consumption over the next few years.

A capsule is a form of medication in an oral dosage that is enclosed in a shell which can be soft or hard. It can be found as both vegetarian capsules and animal-based capsules. The domestic market size for the vegetarian capsules is approx. at 1.2 billion.
Quality Products by Lxir
Lxir has a professional way of manufacturing quality medications at a moderate cost. Moreover, we have a vision of delivering the best Pharmaceutical products in the market and capture the market share in all over India by 2020. Our item portfolio includes items like tablets, Injections, fluids, dry syrups, nasal spray, protein powder that have approval from DCGI. Our company’s experts show full dedication to their work and always tries to use innovating technologies and maintain high ethical standards. The basic motive of providing the best quality products is to promote a Healthier and Happier life for all.
Why Lxir is the best Capsules Pharma Franchise Company
As we continuously practice on the quality of our products so that our consumers get satisfaction. We guarantee you to deliver the best Capsule range in India. Our company has a certification by GMP and ISO. Not only this but the medicine ranges we manufacture have acceptance by all the doctors of leading hospitals in India. Also, Lxir believes in providing the opportunity to their clients for the franchise marketing in monopoly rights in different parts of India.

The team of Lxir keeps a regular check on all the product ranges and their quality. We try and provide all the product details; Product manual, Product information to our clients. We also, execute all our orders within 24 hours. Anyone who ties their hands with us becomes tension free about the quality of medicines we deliver. With an experience of several years in the same pharma industry, we are working to be on the top list for our customers and continuously trying our best to win their hearts.

So, if anyone is desperately trying to get in the medicine market in India and want some great deals, we are the best option for you. And we hope, all the information written here is useful. And can help you to choose the best Capsules Pharma Franchise Company in India.

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Phone No: +91-9875913317, +919988889031